Busu To Yajuu

Busu To Yajuu


Mr. Ugly and Ms. Beast is a quirky yet oddly endearing, romantic comedy about an "ugly" guy Kenta and "beastly" girl Yukie. What these two have in common – other than their unfortunate looks and having no romantic relationship experience – is that they are both sucker for good-looking people despite their own physical flaws. Being overly unattractive and socially-awkward, Kenta and Yukie hardly fit in with the cool kids at school, but one day they meet and fall in love at first sight with their schoolmates who are both gorgeous, head-turning type. Oddly enough, they find out that their love interests happen to be each other's best friend. The two then decides to team up to help each other get into a relationship with each other's best friend. Will their hopeless romance come true? How will they manage to make "impossible" possible? -- Fuji TV

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2015

Genre: Comedy; Love;

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